Triple Lumen Catheter Kit

Complete set of CVC kit includes the following basic components:
• Central Venous Catheter
• Dilator
• .035″ Guidewire “j” tip which is felxible for ease of insertion
• 5cc Syringe with luner lock provide secure connection to needle
• Scalpel #11-short(optional)
• Needle 18 Ga X 2-3/4
• E.T.O. sterile and pyrogen free.

Item Description Lumen Size in GA Guide Wire
3-Lumen CVP Cath 4.5 Fr 6 cms 20,22,22 0.018X45 cms
3-Lumen CVP Cath 5.5 Fr 6/8 cms 20,22,22 0.018X45 cm
3-Lumen CVP Cath 7 Fr 16 cms 16,18,18 0.035×45 cm
3-Lumen CVP Cath 8.5 Fr 16 cms 14,16,16 0.035×45 cm

-Superior soft tip design for safe and easy insertion
-Special polyurethane material to provide strength
-Radio opaque material with definite marking for correct placement of catheter tip