The Complete Solution for Getting the Skin Back to its Soft & Soothy Texture.
Topical Cream for Management of Keloid & Hypertrophic Scars.
* Composition:
Silicon fluid + Poly dimethyl siloxan copolyol (Dimethicon copolyol) + Deodorized onion extract +
Vitamin E + Vitamin A + Olive oil + Almond oil + Titanium dioxide + Oil in water cream base.
* Scaro:
1. Inhibits fibroblast function & proliferation, therefore reduces scaring.
2. Decreases the production of growth factors and stimulates collagenase production
so as to normalize collagen production.
3. Prevents transdermal water loss to keep the wound well hydrated.
4. Has antibacterial properties & protect wound against bacterial invasion.
5. Has anti-inflammatory, anti-itching & anti-irritant properties