Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

• Blood tubing set has been specially designed for the patient to connect external system which extracts patient’s blood to the dialyzer and then returns patient’s blood from the dialyzer.
• Consists of two parts – arterial and venous – used during dialysis and attached with fistula and dialyzer.
• Unique chambers reduce foaming, increase air removal and do not trap epo compliant material of transducer protectors.This helps in ensuring secure machine fit and less incidence of wet out.
• Color coded ergonomic clamps and dialyzer connectors with tethered caps that seal tightly for disposal.
• Kink resistant blood tubing handles easily and ensures fast priming.
• Can be designed according to requirements.
• E.T.O. Sterile & Pyrogen Free.
Specifications & Ordering information
Size of Needle Wing Style Tubing Length P/N
14G x 25mm Rotating 30cms DX2-14R
15G x 25mm Rotating 30cms DX2-15R
16G x 25mm Rotating 30cms DX2-16R
17G x 25mm Rotating 30cms DX2-17R
14G x 25mm Fixed 30cms DX2-14R
15G x 25mm Fixed 30cms DX2-15R
16G x 25mm Fixed 30cms DX2-16R
17G x 25mm Fixed 30cms DX2-17R