The idea

It was a Dutch home-carer who came up with the idea for a lubricating-gel for swallowing medicines in 2008. One of his patients had major problems when it came to swallowing medicines. The local pharmacist made a special gel for this patient out of algae as they have a naturally slippery consistency. The test gel was the solution for this patient’s problems taking medicines. He was able to swallow his medication easily, without even drinking water.

The idea was thus born, but the product had to be developed further. In the years that followed, comprehensive scientific research was conducted into a gel that would make swallowing medication easier. Many substances were tried and tested and, in some cases, combined. Ultimately, in 2012, the Netherlands was the first country in the world to issue a patent for Gloup®, the first universal gel that makes medicines easy to swallow.

What does Gloup® do?

Gloup® is a medical aid. This means it is not a medicine itself. This is due to the fact that Gloup® does not contain any active substances with remedial properties. All of the ingredients in Gloup® are also used in the preparation of food. Over 99% of the ingredients in Gloup® are also of a natural origin.

Made in the Netherlands