ALL IN ONE light Premium Multipurpose Solution With Extra Moisture For All Contact Lenses 120ml.
– Removes Protein.
– Advanced Formulation Multipurpose Solution For All Contact Lenses.
– Recommended for sensitive eyes.
– Contains BIOPOL (TM) For Better Disinfection, Cleaning and Comfort.
– Cleans – Disinfects – Stores wets – Lubricates – Rinses – Removes deposits.
* Ingredients:
– Polyhexanide 0.0001% w/v + Biopol (TM)
– Free of: Chlorhexidine and Thiomersal
* Directions For Use:
– Cleaning: Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly. Place lens in palm of hand and add sufficient
All In One Light to bathe the lens. Gently rub both lens surfaces in the palm of the hand or 15-20 seconds.
– Rinsing: After cleaning, rinse your lenses with All In One Light.
– Disinfection: Open the basket of your barrel case marked “R” and place your right lens on the dome of the
central holder. Ensure the lens does not overlap the spokes of the holder and does not become pinched
when the basket is closed. Close the basket. Repeat with your left lens in the other basket marked “heart”.
Fill the barrel case to the marked line with your multipurpose solution, place the lens holder into the barrel
and securely tighten the cap. For additional cleaning twist the cap on the lens case for 10 seconds. Leave
lenses to soak for at least four hours or overnight.
– Rinsing: Some patients may find it more comfortable to rinse lenses with All In One Light before inserting
the lenses into the eye.
* Storage: It is recommended that lenses are re-disinfected after prolonged periods of storage i.e. seven
days or more. After using your contact lens case, thoroughly rinse with All In One Light solution or sterile
saline and allow to air dry. Do not use soap or detergents.
* Precautions:
– Do not rinse contact lenses or lens cases with water directly from the tap.
– Do not mix with other fluids.
– Consult your contact lens practitioner before using any eye medication with contact lenses in the eye.
– In the event of persistent eye irritation, discontinue use and consult your contact lens practitioner.
– Discard contents of bottle three months after first opening.
– Keep all contact lens care products away from children.
– Do not remove cap from case during contact lens storage.
– Do not allow the nozzle tip to touch any surface.
– Always replace bottle cap after use.
– Store between 4 – 30 degrees C.
* The use of protein remover tablets may not be necessary. Your contact lens practitioner will advise you.
* Do not use if seal is broken.
* Contents:
– 1 × 120ml All In One Light.
– 1 × Contact Lens Soaking Case.
– 1 × Patient Instruction Leaflet